Bancal Hotel & Spa

Are you a resident of the Canary Islands?


Sustainability at birth






At Bancal we are motivated by our love of nature and the history and culture of this wonderful island. Born from our desire to share this feeling with people who understand the true pleasure of traveling comes Bancal, a hotel where respect for the place and its people is at the heart of every decision we make.

All our facilities and processes seek to optimise water and electricity consumption and promote the use of seasonal, local produce and indigenous plants with low water consumption as part of our mission to generate a positive impact on the economy and the local community.

Absence of fossil fuels in power generation

Solar farm with more than 2,000 photovoltaic panels

Own electric mobility

Electric vehicle chargers

Water purification

Efficient waste management

Sustainable architecture

Domotisation and control of installations

Digitisation of operations and processes designed to reduce paper consumption

No single-use plastics

Farms with organic production (coming soon)

Social benefits for our staff

Collaboration with local social entities